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The 5 Most Annoying Types of Partners in BJJ

If you are new to Jiu-Jitsu don't be this guy. If you train with this guy slip him a copy of this post in his gear bag.


1. The dirty partner

Almost everyone has faced someone like this, usually already starting at white belt. These are a combination of practitioners that; don’t wash their gis, don’t cut their nails, and/or walk all day in sandals and don’t wash their feet before they come on the mat. The combinations of characteristics just go on and on. The worst thing about them is that they may carry bacteria that can cause infections on the mat, especially if they cut anyone with their long and dirty nails…gross.


2. The smelly partner

Usually combined with the characteristics of the ‘dirty partner’, the ‘smelly partner’ is the guy who so rarely washes his gi that he has several nasty aromas emanating from his gi. They can range from body odor to that pungently sour gi collar smell. Some guys smell so bad that some people just wan to stop rolling and run away – a potent illegal weapon. It’s up to the instructors to spot these situations and remind their students that their gi must be washed before class.


3. The complainer

This is the guy that you see so many people mocking in youtube videos. He is the dude that tells you about all his injuries, no matter how minor or severe and anytime you get something even remotely advantageous, he starts to complain about his pain and you guys have to restart. Chances are, this guy is acting this way because he is afraid to lose and his ego just can’t take it. Theoretically, if these guys are too injured to roll, they should sit out, or not come to class until they have recovered. Rolling with guys like this could be a waste of time for both parties, so it’s better to avoid them altogether.


4. The ‘spaz’

This is the guy that is so high-energy that when he rolls, by the end of the class, you’ll have a few cuts and bruises. You would think that these types of rollers are mainly found amongst the white and blue belts, but you’d be surprised to see how many of the higher belts still retained the ‘spaz’ attributes. If you see your partner is spastic and may knock you out in the process, it’s not wrong to tell him to take it easy. It’s just class, it’s not worth leaving hurt, even if you do know how to deal with scenarios like this.


5. The crap-talker

This is easily the most disrespectful of the bunch. This is the guy who talks behind everyone’s back and exaggerates when he tells a story of how he defeated, tapped or had an upper hand over someone. They are also so proud that when they are defeated they find an excuse and belittle it. Guys like this usually need to be spotted early because they are horrible for chemistry in the academy and can only lead to eventual trouble. The ego they display is immense and usually they cannot be humbled and leave gyms on their own.


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