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3 Sneaky BJJ Attacks

There is no shortage of sneaky moves that can put your opponent in unexpected positions, so it’s impossible to really list them all. But here are a few really specific situations that have put even the most experienced practitioners in some bad spots.  There is no doubt that many of you will have more to add to this list! But here are three to start: 


  1. Loop Choke from half-guard.

The loop choke is a long-time favorite for a lot of athletes especially starting at blue belt. You’ll very often find them using the loop choke as their go-to emergency move. It can be applied from many positions, but the sneakiest version is when you’re playing half-guard. You get your cross-collar grip and loosen your half-guard to give your opponent a false sense of security. When they commit to the pass, the often dip their head too low, allowing you to loop their collar around their necks and throwing yourself under them, tightening the choke.

Often when you see someone attempt this in the black belt division, both athletes will keep rolling together, usually until they are out of bounds. This is because one of the escapes is to roll with the choke quicker than your attacking opponent. Marcelino Freitas is one example of an athlete who loves doing this attack and has had some crazy rolls (literally) in competitions. They can be found on YouTube.


  1. Ezekiel Choke against deep half-guard.

In late 2014, Renzo Gracie revealed some dirty little secrets at his seminar at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo. He told the story of how he grew up around the man who invented the half guard, Gordo, and his uncle, Rilion, who was known to have a killer guard. Being around two such dangerous guard players, Renzo admitted that it was hard to really survive when rolling. But over time, he had become immune to these guards and found one simple solution to avoiding deep half-guard problems.

The answer to this dilemma was the use of an Ezekiel choke over your opponent's head when they try to tuck their heads beneath your base to enter the deep-half guard. Renzo called it “putting the bag over the head”. He gripped the inside of his sleeve and wrapped his forearm around his opponent’s head to apply pressure for the tap. You’d be surprised how simple it really is to get the catch. The beauty of this technique is also that it can be applied for a bunch of other positions – like escaping from north-south.


  1. Lapel Choke from armbar.

In a recent popular instructional video from Jits Magazine, Nova Uniao professor Cesar Rezek demonstrated what may be one of the sneakiest and easiest techniques to pull off on your opponent. It is a lapel choke for when your opponent is trying to escape your armbar attempt.

In the traditional armbar, you usually have one leg over your opponent’s face. To escape, they must remove that leg from their face and make their way backwards over that same leg. At this moment, you can pull your lapel around their neck. To make the explanation simpler, below is the link for this very awesome technique.


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